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Review of Mangia Pizza and Grill, Sept. 5, 2008

Do not be fooled by the location of Mangia Pizza and grill which sits beside a busy supermarket stretch in Bordentown, NJ. It’s a thin slice of a restaurant that makes its intention of refinement and finesse evident as you enter it’s earthy colored interiors and plush upholstery.

It was Jaya’s pick for this friday and I got very excited once I saw the lunch specials. Fine italian entrees beckoned for our friday lunch – It was a balanced and delectable menu with pasta, seafood and grill options. On the lookout for healthy options, Jaya was happy to order the grilled Salmon. The shriml linguini looked good for me. While we were waiting for the food, I made a quick dash to the liquor store and got some wine for the table. (With food this good, this place so needs a liquor licence)

Both the entrees were spectacular on taste. Jaya’s salmon was a thin long slice cantilevered under a bed on salad and had a caramelized cruncy coat. The meat was soft, juicy and cooked to prefection. My linguini was cooked right, however the shrimp could have been cooked a little less. The service was excellent, Isabella was gracious in providing glassses for the wine and opening it for us. The salmon was the highlight of lunch – as we lingered late, the lunch crowd whittled and we were wondering who from the grill cooked the salmon. Marcello, it turned out cooked the salmon and the linguini and we had polished off the wine by then and swore to come back to try more of Marcello’s feats for lunch
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